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9 Sep

We’ve just started an audio section, and you can now hear three brilliant radio plays produced by three of our up and coming playwrights. Second year dramatic writing students at the University of Gloucestershire work with radio production experts, and last year’s collaboration produced some excellent work.

Claire Leek’s play We don’t get snow like this is an inventive foray into the imagined world of Joe, a little girl. Worrying her parents, Joe’s imagination takes her around the world meeting all sorts of characters. But when things go wrong, will her parents question whether Joe’s imaginary world is more real than their own?

Claire Holland’s play Reclaim takes the listener into the darkly comic world of a couple who, just returning from their holidays, find their house occupied by squatters. Things go from bad to worse; will the couple’s relationship—and their mental health—survive, and will the squatters ever be evicted?

Lauren Dayment’s play The Ellison Family Archive is a touching and elegantly written story of a dystopian future where a family — living in a bunker for unknown reasons — have to dig into their past as a way to move on with their lives.

Listen here!

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