Angela France reading at the Jam Café in Nottingham

16 Sep

Post-graduate student Angela France studied for her MA at the University of Gloucestershire and is now studying for a PhD.  Her poetry has been published in many of the leading journals in the UK and abroad, and has been regularly anthologised.  Her second collection, Occupation, is available from Ragged Raven Press, while her most recent collection, Lessons in Mallemaroking (July 2011), is available from Nine Arches Press. Angela is features editor of Iota and an editor of ezine The Shit Creek Review. She also runs a monthly poetry café, ‘Buzzwords’, which meets on the first Sunday of each month at the Exmouth Arms in Leckhampton, Cheltenham.  Angela’s latest reading will be at the Nottingham Shindig on Sunday 18th September.  The event starts at 7.30pm at The Jam Café, on Heathcote Street in Nottingham.