Student Poetry Publications

11 Nov

As a follow-up to our post from last week, we wanted to announce that three of our third year students have now had their work published on Michelle McGrane’s poetry blog, Peony Moon.  The poems include Caitlin Clarke’s ‘Security Blanket,’ Camellia Cressey’s ‘Evil Eye,’ and ‘Asking For It’ by Emmy Summers.  Their pieces were chosen alongside the work of other poets – both new and established – as part of McGrane’s Against Rape Project.  In her introductory post, McGrane outlines her aims: The poems selected break the silence of the status-quo, which defines sexual violence as a freak event rather than part of a dominative “rape culture”. This protest is the beginning of a conversation that seeks recuperation, healing and redress.  The commendable contributions by Caitlin, Camellia, and Emmy are available to read on the site.



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  1. Michelle November 14, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    Thank you for your contributions, Caitlin, Camellia, and Emmy.

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