UoG Creative Writing: Another student publishing success

13 Dec
Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas

Congratulations to Hugh Thomas who this year graduated from the Creative Writing BA at the University of Gloucestershire; on Wednesday, Hugh’s article on Gustaf Håkansson – ‘the ‘steel grandpa’ who won a 1,000-mile bicycle race’ – was published by The Guardian. As one commenter wrote online, ‘what a delightful article, never heard of the chap or his achievement, imeasurably improved my day :)’

 If you’d like to read more of Hugh’s work, check out Lebensraum – a short story now available for free on Kindle. It’s a disturbing, darkly comic satire that just might make you want to kill your parents. If you enjoy it, be sure to leave a review.

Hugh’s work is also set to feature in Fire – the new University of Gloucestershire anthology of Creative Writing, which will be launched early in 2014.