MA Guest Speaker Series

16 Jan

This year, our Creative Writing MA students have been treated to a series of guest speakers from the creative industries.  First up, one of our MA alumni, Chaucer Cameron, returned with her colleague Helen Dewbury to screen the stunning work they’ve been doing in the areas of film and video poetry, wonderful examples of which can be found on their website.  To end last semester, award-winning novelist niall-griffiths-getty-01Niall Griffiths came in to discuss his writing process, the publishing industry, and the film adaptation of his novel, Kelly & Victor, which was recently nominated for a BAFTA.

Now, this semester, the MA group will benefit from an unprecedented windfall: we’ve received funding to bring in author, poet, and journalist, Susie Wild, who will join our teaching team.  susie-wild-author-316547850Susie, who is also the head editor at Parthian Books, will be working as a part-time lecturer for the duration of the semester, and running the advanced MA prose workshop.  This is very exciting both for the students and the programme – and we’re thrilled to have such an experienced industry professional on our staff.