The 2014 Cheltenham Literature Festival

1 Oct

cheltenham_lit_logo_350It’s only days until the world’s oldest literature festival rolls into town. Marquees are being erected, copies of The Times are being readied, tweed suits are set to spring from hangers. Whether you want to see the famous in the flesh, pick up literary tips from the masters, or just relish the increasingly rare chance to be the youngest person in the room, there is something for you at this year’s Festival. But as the usual assortment of morally-dubious celebrities descends on Cheltenham, how are you to pick from the 500 events on offer? One false move and you could end up in a tent with Geoffrey Boycott. Or your fate might involve John Lydon talking to you about margarine. Worst of all, perhaps, you could end up listening to Boris Johnson’s dad and sister (seriously). Fortunately, help is at hand with our handy Guide to the Cheltenham Literature Festival. It’s got the times for some great events. It’s also got the times for Martin Amis and Will Self. Enjoy!