Tyler’s Triumph: UoG lecturer wins $10,000 Journey Prize

5 Nov

Glenn gould studioOn Saturday we blogged about Tyler Keevil, the University of Gloucestershire’s BA Course Leader for Creative Writing, being shortlisted for the prestigious Writers’ Trust of Canada Journey Prize. Well… he’s only gone and won it! Congratulations to Tyler who was announced as the winner of the $10,000 prize for his brilliant short story ‘Sealskin’. The award ceremony was held at Toronto’s famous Glenn Gould Studio (pictured), and the judges said “‘Sealskin’ is a stunner. Tyler Keevil has accomplished something rare: a story about rough masculinity that brims with emotion and pathos.”

'Why the **** did I say that about the bean bags?'

‘Why the **** did I say that about the bean bags?’


It’s still the early am in Toronto, but in a few hours we imagine Keevil will be waking with a sense of achievement, a fuzzy head, and a little bit of regret. Why, he’ll ask himself, did I rashly promise that if I won I’d equip the Creative Writing office with bean bags and giant balls?


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    Our Creative Writing colleague Tyler has won the Writers’ Trust of Canada Prize. Many congratulations, Tyler!

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    Many congratulations, Tyler!

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