This is the best thing to ever happen at the University of Gloucestershire or anywhere in the South West or maybe even ever in the world

30 Apr

Fringe logoIt’s just five weeks until the start of the UoG Fringe Festival, which is going to be rib-ticklingly, jaw-droppingly, biscuit-crunchingly brilliant. From the 5th-7th of June, Cheltenham will host a weekend of events organised by second-year Creative Writing students. We have quizzes and debates and poetry and music and art and film and drama. We’ve even got an event for children under eight. We’ll be living it up on campus and off, from the SU to TC001; in the Frog, the Feathered Fish, Copa, Cheltenham Library, and the Everyman Theatre. The second years would love your help to make these events successful, so if you’d like to get involved, please contact them via Facebook, Twitter, or at

Below is the events timetable and more information will be shared here in the coming weeks.

Fringe Fest timetable