24 Hours to Tulsa…and the Closure of This Year’s UoG Novel Writing Contest!

30 May

Clock Face 2That’s right, folks.  The end is nigh.  Back on February 1st, when we announced that the 2015 UoG Novel Writing Contest was open for submissions, it seemed as if you had all the time in the world to get your magnum opus into shape.  But the days have flown by, like paper in the wind – as Tom Petty would say – and now not only has Semester 2 come to an end, but THERE IS ONLY ONE DAY LEFT BEFORE THE 2015 UOG NOVEL WRITING CONTEST CLOSES TO SUBMISSIONS!  As ever, there are a few dilligent souls who are right with us, way ahead of the game, leading the pack (please insert any other stock phrase here) and have in fact already handed in their entries.  Doesn’t it make you furious that they haven’t left it till the last minute like you?  Well, get them in your sights and take them down.  One day might seem too short a time to do anything, but just think: you still have over 26 hours to revise, polish, format, and submit.  So get to it.  The guidelines are here.  Sleep is optional.  Caffeine is plentiful.  Are you a writer or are you a marsupial?