Open mic night tonight – Cancelled

24 Nov

Just heard that this event has been cancelled due to a booking error at the venue. It ill now take place in a fortnight’s time.

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Friends, scribes, poets, and constructors of playeth, this day, the 24th of November, cometh to the Frog and Fiddle tavern, at 7: 30 of the horologe, at which hour shalt beginneth much merriment and bardic pleasure, whence thee may drinketh and hark to performances for thy excit’ment and may, should thee so chooseth, bringeth thy own wit and wisdom, to share with the assembled company most generously.

You what? It’s the latest open mic night, it’s tonight (Tuesday 24th), and it starts from 7:30pm at the Frog and Fiddle Tavern. As always, it’s a chance to share what you’ve been working on in a relaxed and supportive environment, or you can just have a listen to what other students are writing. And ye olde Facebook event can be found here.