We’re the best around: University of Gloucestershire tops UK Creative Writing Programmes for Student Satisfaction!

13 Oct

Some of our friends, fans, and followers may have seen the recent post about the ‘triple crown’ the UoG English and Creative Writing Programmes received in this year’s National Student survey, earning 100% overall satisfaction in single honours Creative Writing, single honours English Literature, and our joint English and Creative Writing course.  What we didn’t know at the time – and only just received word on – is that in terms of single honours Creative Writing programmes, we are the only course that got 100% in the 2015-16 NSS.  So once again, we can safely claim to be the ‘best’ Creative Writing programme in the country for student satisfaction.  Some of the top results are below…

NSS Overall Satisfaction for Single Honours Creative Writing 2015-16:

  1. University of Gloucestershire: 100%
  2. University of Bedfordshire: 96%
  3. Liverpool John Moores: 96%
  4. All the rest of them

As we’ve mentioned several times, like many academics we at UoG have reservations about the NSS as an accurate indicator of teaching quality, or the student experience – and we joke about this at our Open Days.  But that said, it’s nice to be back in top spot, and this result is a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of our graduating cohort of 2016 – who we look forward to catching up with at the grad ceremonies next month.  We’ll see you all then.  In the meantime, we can sing along to this classic 80’s montage, courtesy of The Karate Kid and Joe Esposito…