tylerTyler Keevil is a prolific author and film maker, who early in the century left his native Canada to be a starving writer in Prague.  Unfortunately, he hadn’t yet learned to write.  In 2003 he moved to Wales where he worked cleaning toilets in a petrol station.  Today, Tyler’s work is unusual for its breadth and range; he has written high quality fiction in the sci-fi, children’s, fantasy, romance, and literary genres.  He has published short fiction in a variety of magazines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic, including New Welsh Review, On Spec, Transmission, Brace, Staple, and Planet: The Welsh Internationalist, while a translation of his ‘Masque of the Red Clown’ was commissioned by the French-Canadian magazine Solaris  Tyler’s mastery of the short form has seen him win numerous awards, most prestigiously the $10,000 Journey Prize. In 2014, Burrard Inlet, Fireballhis collected short stories, was published to critical acclaim.

Tyler is also the author of two novels, and he has the distinction of having won the Readers’ Prize for Wales Book of the Year with successive books. He won it for his debut novel, Fireball (Parthian, 2010), which was also shortlisted for The Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize. The New Wales Review described Fireball as a ‘breathlessly readable and confident debut that pushes beyond the bounds of its genre, capturing the dynamics of friendship, seduction, and loss to impressive effect….’

The Drive CoverHis second novel, The Drive, was published by Myriad in August 2013. A relentless, crazy, lyrical, exuberant, hilarious road novel, it’s also a meditation on narrative and the western tradition of story telling. Wales Book of the Year judge Jasper Rees commented ‘I haven’t been as excited about reading a new writer since I read DBC Pierre’s Vernon God Little.’

Burrard Inlet coverTyler has had success, too, as a screen writer: a short film he wrote recently aired on ITV Wales, while another picked up the Welsh Dragon Award at the Newport International Film Festival.  Despite his success, Tyler still gives the impression of having just wandered in from an ice hockey match.  He lives in Wales with his wife, Naomi, where (we presume) he spends his time writing, chopping wood, and practising Tylerisms such as ‘harsh butt’ and ‘super sweet.’

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